Cast Bios – Girls

Kamila McClean is a fourth year clinic intern at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She holds a special place in her heart for both holistic health and the arts, and has participated in organizing musical and poetry programs in Toronto and the United States. Upon completing her schooling, Kamila will be a naturopathic doctor and plans to open a practice in the Toronto area.

Tricia Merraro has always had a passion for the Arts and Education. As a graduate from Claude Watson School for the Arts and Program with a major in Dance, York University with an Honors Degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences and her Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Tricia has been equipped to lead and ignite those around her with an enthusiasm for the Arts and Education. Tricia has choreographed various pieces including “Deep River” which was on stage in 2011 at the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts as well as the Toronto West SDA annual Easter Productions under the direction of Royson James. When not dancing, she can be found in her other passion of teaching Grade 7 core and Music and Dance rotary in the Toronto District School Board. Tricia continues to give her Lord and Savior thanks and praise for her gifts in these areas as well as being able to excite students and help explore their creative side. No matter what her dreams and goals are, she will always say ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and ” Carpe Diem” for seizing each day with God by her side has brought her this far.

Shoshana Mariee Williams is a fourth year York University Theatre Studies Major.  She has a passion for drama and education and desires to become a drama teacher in the near future. Shoshana has been blessed to be featured in a number of plays which have helped to perfect her craft. She worked on a play entitled The Christmas Reunion where singer/song writer Ray Robinson was the headliner; it was a great and memorable experience for her. Besides theatre, Shoshana has a love for youth and is constantly doing work in her church, community and teaching placements to help youth see their potential for greatness.  When Shoshana is not acting or connecting with youth, you can find her at church singing in the choir, doing lyrical movement, signing, or creating glass mosaics in her back yard. When it comes down to it Shoshana’s biggest desire is to be happy and see others happy. She hopes her smile and energy become infectious in the hearts of all she comes across.

Kassie Woodley  Cassy “Freelove” Woodley is a Seneca College student currently studying Social Services. Her other hats include; Poet, Actress, Vocalist and Event Planner. Her dream is to use her love and passion for the arts to empower and uplift youth from every walks of life to greater heights. Cassy is already witnessing her dream become a reality through the coordination, planning and co-planning of various arts events such as Retract the Black: Visually Speaking; a black history celebratory event that was held in February, showcasing different spoken word artists, visual artists and live painting. She has recently joined Spoke N’ Heard, a production company specializing in arts collaboration shows within the GTA and is excitedly anticipating the future endeavors God has in store for her.


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