Crew Bios

Greg Birkett (Centre) is a York University and OISE University of Toronto graduate with degrees in History and Education. He teaches English and History in the high school division of the Toronto District School Board. Greg is a published author (Black History: Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas), award-winning poet, recognized community teacher (Governor-General Award for Teaching Excellence Finalist, 2011) and co-writer of “The Litany of the Gun” (co-written with Toronto Star columnist Royson James-performed at schools and community functions throughout the GTA). He has also written freelance for the Toronto Star, and was featured in an article in Sway Magazine highlighting his innovative approach to classroom teaching and education.

Tresia Rawle (Right) studied Fashion Merchandising in Management at International Academy of Design. Her career path has taken her into freelance styling for HBC as well as Canadian Tire. She enjoys participating in various expressions of art including but not limited to Theatre and Dance.  She aspires to be what God intended.

Joan Watson (Left) has performed in Mi Corazon and Deep River at The Toronto Center for the Performing Arts.  She has also directed and participated in several other local productions.  These experiences have nurtured her deep respect and appreciation for the power of dramatic arts.


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