Dancer Bios

Tasia Henry is a Grade 9 student at Crawford Adventist Academy. She has performed in dramatic productions at her local church, and was a part of Deep River, a large scale theatrical presentation at the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts. Tasia has a passion for theatre and dance and she loves the Lord.

Ordeena Linton is a trained Operating Room Nurse at The Princess Margaret Hospital working as the Patient Care Coordinator for the OR/PACU. She studied at Seneca College, Ryerson University, George Brown College and University of Phoenix. She has always enjoyed performing dance pieces with Praise in Motion in both small and large productions. Ordeena dreams to one day further her skill by taking Ballet classes.

Winiesha Marlow is a Grade 11 high school student, at the French secondary school Jeunes Sans Frontières.  She enjoys all forms of art, whether it be music or dance; watching, listening, or performing.  She aspires to study medicine in University, and become a pediatrician.

Tresia Rawle studied Fashion Merchandising in Management at International Academy of Design. Her career path has taken her into freelance styling for HBC as well as Canadian Tire. She enjoys participating in various expressions of art including but not limited to Theatre and Dance.  She aspires to be what God intended.


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